Notes from the Studio Wall


{In August 2013 I was a resident at the Shandaken Project. I made some sketches and notes on the wall of my studio there. These are the notes}


the corporate subject grasps the

public sphere, it is his


he wants to establish its/his

Vectors in the Common Blob of

Social Media but it absorbs

and dissolves them..

Rather, it cannot dissolve them

but it dirties them—sullies

them with its slop


the vectors are the apparatus…

the apparatus establishes relations


the apparatus—

the technophallic subject—

penetrates privacy

(rather than absorb

and dissolve and dirty

like the blob)


the corporate subject

is fucking privacy

to get access to


to manage bodies—

to reassert its vectors

of control at an individuated

individualized scale


DISCOURSE (the halo of

discourse sheltering

and nurturing

the public sphere)


[the public sphere is full of brands]


[vectors emanating from the public sphere establish: history; expertise, connoisseurship, judgment; policing discourses in general; social bonds, social relations]

[the Common Blob connects bodies to the public sphere and to privacy:]




encroaching on the

corporate subject—

it is its abject


does it


it emits from—

but it is always

perceived as coming

from without—


[postscript: this is the nature of the abject, the subject is horrified by what its body produces]


the common blob assaults

both the public sphere and privacy

(because the concept of privacy

is incumbent upon the public sphere)

the blob dissolves the distinction between them—

and them with it


the common blob is not

the body but it is

a projection an

emission of bodies

just as the corporate body

is not a body—but a


a sum

(a multiplication)

of relations

among bodies


the common blob

is the abject

of the incorporated



the common blob is not heroic

its people but its nothing


[things that are on the border between the territories of the body and of the public sphere:]




[drawing of a body with a limp dick and things that pertain to it:]



sensory perception



the abject


taste belongs to the body

taste is a sense



[on Art:]

art is

a projection of a body

into the public sphere

or any public


the common blob—

even though there

it is difficult

to recognize

as art

(as we know it)

there, in the blob, art becomes stripped

of the discursive forms

of art

art is revealed as

an equitable relation



what a body makes

to commicate

with other bodies

by means that outstrip immediate

restrictions on presence

(in time & space)

the things that bind

speech, gesture,

mimicry, movement }

all of which





if they

are to enter

the field of art


when art is


when it is made by multiple


for an ideological purpose

it enters the sphere of

inequitable social relations

money and technologies

of public presentation

such as the



but—like a

person who enters

that sphere

it still has places

of vulnerability

that reveal equality


its not real art


they are not real people


some may think

the BRAND is

the same as art—

an improvement, an


but it’s something else—not art

BRANDS can be used

by art or people

to become something lese

to operate like

the corporate subject

to imitate it, the rules of its discourse


[notes on the drawing:]

the smudge

is the abject

of writing


enjambment is

the limit

of the hand

when writing

on a wall

while standing

so is stanza length



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